The hyperbaric chamber is a natural cure simply based on pure oxygen

The human being, under normal conditions, that is, in a usual atmosphere, breathes oxygen in a proportion of 21%. If that percentage is increased, transport in the plasma improves to areas where lack of oxygen brings deterioration of the tissues. This is achieved thanks to the monoplace hyperbaric chamber for sale, which provides the patient with a pure oxygen treatment, with levels ranging from 1.4 to 6.0 atmospheres.

With this oxygen therapy, the patient manages to recover in a few sessions, from serious injuries due to burns, skin grafts, smoke inhalation affections, carbon monoxide poisoning, problems with the diabetic foot, bone lesions, etc. The results are quite satisfactory and do not leave serious sequelae or long-term side reactions. One of the effects is in the ears, similar to what we experience when we take off or land on an airplane.

The application of the treatment is carried out in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, which is a closed and pressurized environment, in which the patient is introduced and oxygen is supplied to treat the condition that he/she suffers from. The process can take several sessions, which will be indicated according to the advances that are obtained in the symptoms of the disease.

This procedure is found in hospitals and specialized centers, which have suitable equipment for this. The best equipment manufacturer for the hbot application is Tekna. Its long career, with more than a century of experience, makes him worthy of the title of leader in the manufacture of the hyperbaric chamber.

Its staff of professional experts strives to provide the widest information, in 105 languages, regarding the models, management, installation, advice, analysis of the site where you want to install, training to the staff that will use the equipment, guidance for the fire chief, etc.

On the page, you will know the details of the monoplace models, such as the Hybrid, for one person and Multiplace for groups, in its models 6000 SL and DL and 8400 DL.